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Placenta Encapsulation Agreement And Release Of Liability

I understand that in acknowledgement of placental practices, choosing to encapsulate my placenta is not intended to prevent or treat any physical or mental diseases, ailments or symptoms and that I am choosing to consume my placenta for my own personal beliefs, whether it be spiritual or cultural.

I also acknowledge that there are no statewide regulations preventing me from obtaining and encapsulating my placenta in my home.

I understand that the act of ingesting my placenta in any form has not been tested, nor approved but the FDA, and I ingest this at my own risk. Upon receiving my placenta capsules from Sierra Brashear and Vibrant Souls LLC, I waive any and all rights to hold the specialist responsible for any undesired effect of consuming the capsules. Furthermore, I release Sierra Brashear, Jill Brashear and Vibrant Souls LLC and its representatives from any liability.

I understand that my placenta has been handled and encapsulated according to OSHA and Colorado Food Safety and Handling standards, and has been cleaned, dehydrated and put into pill form in a sanitary and sterile work space.

I do not hold Sierra Brashear, Jill Brashear nor Vibrant Souls LLC responsible or liable for any transport mishap that is beyond their control (ex. car accident or detainment), and understand that I am choosing to have the specialist encapsulate my placenta in my specialists home. I understand that neither Sierra Brashear nor Jill Brashear are medical professionals and will not diagnose, treat or prescribe for any healthy condition. Services and fees are for the preparation and encapsulation of my placenta and not for the treatment of a condition or the sale of the pills.

I recognize that it is my responsibility to supply documentation regarding my GBS, STD or any other potential infection status. I understand that upon receiving the pills, Sierra Brashear, Jill Brashear and Vibrant Souls LLC is no longer liable including but not limited to any other person(s) ingesting my own placenta capsules.


I have been diagnosed with group B streptococcus. Can I still have my placenta encapsulated?

Yes, it is possible. However, I do want you to be informed about the risks of consuming your placenta if you have been diagnosed with Group B Strep. There is one case study by the CDC on a newborn who had a recurrent GBS infection after the mother had her placenta encapsulated, which you can read about here. The likelihood of this occurring, however, is quite low, especially given that I will take the proper precautions (outlined below). In the case study, there is a speculation that the capsules are the mode of reinfection, however there is no specific proof, and the recurrence is just as likely to be due to exposure to colonized family members or colonized mucous membranes. My intention here is not to advise one way or another, but to provide full information so that you can make the best choice for yourself and your family. 

Should you choose to move forward I will do the following to handle the placenta in the proper way so as to reduce the chances of infection:

  • Follow proper food safety protocols and universal precautions

  • Recommend that we do the Traditional Chinese Method, which involves steaming the placenta (additional cost of $20)

  • Dehydrate the placenta at 150 degrees F for 36 hours (GBS begins to die at 131 degrees at 30 minutes)

How do I yoni steam if I order the herbs and seat?

There will be specific instructions for steaming sent with those. For the postpartum, I recommend waiting until your lochia has passed and any external wounds have closed before beginning to steam — usually just a few days. You can then steam 2-3 times per week for 3-4 weeks to facilitate healing and toning of the uterus and vagina (tune into what feels good, it's not an exact science... so do what works for you).