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Yoni Steam Testimonials

"The herbs have been a real Godsend for me. I suffer from debilitating cramps and used to manage the pain with prescription strength pain killers. A friend introduced me to this option about a year ago and it's definitely changed my life. It's taken my pain level from completely unbearable to totally manageable. I'd highly recommend anyone who's looking for relief without turning to narcotics. It's been a genuine blessing. Thanks for the amazing product!"

— Lucy

"I started having very heavy periods and doctors couldn't figure out why as my hormone levels were ok. Something lead me to do to these yoni cleanses... I first did it 3 consecutive days and once a month. My cycle is back to normal from 24 days to now 27, I have bright red flow, and no heavy clotting. I also saw what looked to be a polyp expelled , after my 5th cleanse and I felt a huge relief after I passed it. THIS WORKS!!!!"

— Dee

“I used your yoni steam herbs to cure my pcos and now I have my little one I am very much happy that I can use it for my healing process. Thank you and more power!”

— Madonna

"I used the Devi Steam yoni herbs to steam and I loved the experience. One thing I noticed is that the pain I usually experience associated with my ovlulation did not occur last cycle! Also, The blood at the start of my next period was a bright and healthy red. This is after steaming just ONCE! I will be purchasing this herbal blend again and again and again. Thank you so much!!!"

— Dankay

"I have been steaming once every couple weeks for about three months now and I have noticed a huge shift in how I connect to myself as a woman. I am more aware of my femininity, both physically and spiritually. My cramps have decreased significantly and I find that I am getting much better at working with my instincts and intuition. Yoni steaming as a ritual practice has also brought a certain level of spiritual awareness and stability to my life which makes me feel much more connected to my inner being and to nature and spirit."

— Stephanie D

“After over 2 years of trying to conceive, 2 early miscarriages, 5 rounds of fertility meds and one round of IUI I am ecstatic to say that I am 14 weeks pregnant today! I had tried many other things over the course of my journey but I fell in love with yoni steams and your herbs in June. It very quickly became something I looked forward to after menstruation and before ovulation. I steamed about 3 days every month during that window for 5 months and got pregnant in October. I changed my diet and made a couple other tweaks as well but I truly believe that yoni steaming made all the difference! I can't wait to use them to help my post part healing.”

— Elle

"On my period I normally vomit, have chills and feel faint leaving me unable to focus or walk, so work or school is out of the question. The flow would be heavy and last 8-10 days. The cramps would be in any place you could imagine! This takes over a large portion of my life. I used the Devi Steam I got my period and... I'M WALKING! I'm headed to work!!! Right now!! and I can't believe it!... I'M SO SO HAPPY to have found this product."

— Tala

"I am happy to say that my results so far are amazing. I used to have excruciating painful periods, to the extreme that I would have to stop what I was doing and lie down in a fetal position. The pain was so bad it would literally stop me in my tracks and basically ruin my day. I hated having to go to work when I had my periods. Not to mention my flow was so heavy,  I would bleed through my clothing.  I even tried heat and massage to help soothe the pain. Pain meds were a last result which I had to take to get through my work shift. Now, after using the yoni steams a few times I am  happy to say my periods are a breeze. They are lighter than they were, less gushing, very minimal discomfort. I went from using a tampon and double pads to just one pad. Thank Vibrant Souls for sharing this wonderful ancient secret."

— Linda J

"I am delightfully appreciative of the lovely aroma and gentleness while thoroughly cleansing. I felt a positive difference in just one use and noticed improvement it my first cycle after indulging in this healthful practice. I feel it uplifted my femininity and brought pleasure to both my temple and soul. Thank you so very very much."

— Cristina

"Yoni steaming is ceremonial for me. It has become a beautiful, loving part of my self-care. My moon cycles are now 5 days instead of 3, my blood flow is constant and fluid. I used to have severe cramping, and this has greatly diminished after only a few months of use. My blood is now a beautiful, bright, red whereas before it was very dark and clumpy. I feel lighter and healthier." 

— Gloria

"I read your article on vaginal steaming and did four (almost) consecutive steams. Today I experienced my first cramp free period in my life! My monthly period has been the bane of my existence for my whole menstruating life. I have literally crumpled in tears on many a' bathroom floor over the years. Words cannot express my gratitude for you sharing this amazing information. Thank you sooo much!!! You have liberated me!!! Don't stop what you are doing. Women need you!"

— Priscilla, after having read the article Vaginal Steams: Forgotten Ancient Wisdom for Women's Healing

"In a short time, yoni steaming has allowed me to improve my health, wellbeing, and that of the people around me, specifically an amazing 4 year old. Thank you for keeping alive an ancient remedy that I have benefited greatly from."

— Kelly. Read Kelly's Entire Success Story

"I really enjoy having time to focus on me and connect with my womb and centre. So often it is an area that is ignored but I love that the steaming feels so sensual and relaxing. It's time for me to connect with me."

— Tiffany

"After giving birth, my hormones were just off and so were my menstrual cycles. I was having very painful cramps and was very fatigued during my cycle. After trying just one yoni steam, I saw a huge difference during my next menstrual cycle. I've been doing them twice monthly since." 

— Tameeka

"I was fighting a bacterial infection for weeks that would not go away through natural remedies. I tried yogurt therapy, tried garlic, and no change. I really did not want to take antibiotics so I thought why not try the steam treatment. Wow! Just one treatment and the next day, no signs of BV. Still a week later and it has vanished!"

— Rae

"Physically it was the biggest relief I can imagine. I didn't have any scary discharge or crazy periods after my first steam (thank goodness) but the comfort in my belly afterward was something I hadn't felt for a while. Spiritually their is something so beautiful about it. I cant even explain it and I'm sure you know exactly what I'm talking about. It was an instant ritual and a healing meditation. So thank you, Sierra. Thank you for being there when I needed you. I appreciate all the work and love and passion you've put into this. I almost cried when my package said thank you. You're a sweet being." 

— Sabra

"I really enjoyed doing the yoni steam before each cycle. It is very relaxing and it's something I look forward to doing each month. I have noticed my pms symptoms lessening since I've started doing monthly steams." 

— Stephanie

“After doing 3 steams my period has appeared to have returned to normal!!! I was experiencing very heavy long periods. One period lasted 18 days!! After steaming my last period lasted 5 days and I hardly had any PMS clotting or heavy bleeding!!! HALLELUJAH!!!”

— Brenda

"After steaming 2 times with Vibrant Souls Devi Steam, I experienced a lot less cramping, bloating, and fatigue! It is wonderful."

— Kate

"After 4 years of trying western methods to conceive (surgeries, toxic hormones, injections, etc.,) I came across your wonderful website and personal guidance...and after combining some serious spiritual work and the detox methods...I am happy to share that I am 17 weeks pregnant! I honestly believe that in addition to my faith, that your teas and steams really helped to advance my journey to having a healthy womb! Cannot thank you enough! Blessings to you and to your healing hands!!!!" 

— Onika

“I am having the best period! No sharp pains, cramping, or back aches like usual. I am traveling all this week for training and it would have been awful if I had my usual symptoms. We as women need to embrace our femininity and feel good about how we were created. This is a great way to relax and heal in a natural way!

— Marisa

“Vibrant Souls has a wonderful blend of herbs that are both fragrant and effective. I was looking forward to my first yoni steam after giving birth. It had been 6 months and I felt it was time to cleanse my reproductive system. This yoni steam blend from Vibrant Souls was just the right formula to get my body back to a rhythmic cycle again. I was so pleased that I will continue to use this product for ease of menstrual pain and to maintain the health of my reproductive system. Vibrant Souls Devi Steam hit the spot.”

— Meghan

"Every woman should do a Yoni Steam!!! Once you do, it will become part of your routine.”

— Kate

"Yoni steaming is an enjoyable self-care routine that confers feelings of peace and comfort."

— Aimee

"Yoni steaming was relaxing, made me feel very feminine, and I didn't experience any menstrual cramping during my next period."

— Claudia

“I wanted to send you a big warm thank you for creating the wonderful Yoni Steam mix that I recently bought. It is so magical, its hard to describe in words. I found your instructions very supportive and helpful. Thank you for spreading the good vibes throughout this world! ”

— Tatiana


"We have seen absolutely astounding and universal results from vaginal steaming. The results are clear. It’s right there! It really does a lot to relieve menstrual pain, and it doesn’t really matter what the problem is with the uterus, the vaginal steam is the classical Central American treatment. If anybody complains about any problem with the uterus, everybody says, 'have you done your vaginal steam?' just like we would say, 'are you drinking enough water?'"

— Dr. Rosita Arvigo, N.D., founder of The Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy, in Vaginal Steams: Q&A With Rosita Arvigo

“I recommend vaginal steams in my practice regularly for a variety of reasons, including fertility support, vaginal dryness during menopause and nursing, menstrual irregularities and postpartum support. I believe that they are safe when used correctly and can be a helpful adjunct to conventional medical therapies.”

— Dr Rebecca Cohen, who is trained both in family medicine and obstetrics, in Vaginal steams help women. That you haven't heard of something doesn't make it suspect

"Practitioners like me find that [vaginal steams] help women have less painful periods. The majority of women have some cramping during menstruation, and 15% have severe menstrual cramps. They accept the discomfort of cramps as “normal” during their monthly cycle, or take birth control or painkillers to eliminate symptoms. While serious pain should always be checked out by a gynecologist, I’ve had seen many women experience a drastic reduction in their cramps when they add two to three vaginal steams into their monthly self-care for the two weeks prior to their flow. Korean medical literature, as Dr Eden Fromm pointed to, also shows documented evidence for the use of herbal treatments for dysmenorrhea." 

— Katinka Locascio, founder of Earth & Sky Healing Arts, in Vaginal steams help women. That you haven't heard of something doesn't make it suspect