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Yoni Steam Success

Kelly's Story

This story is a testimonial shared by Kelly, a Vibrant Souls customer who found great success in a short time with yoni steaming. It is published here with her permission. This is just one of the many success stories we hear!


I just want to thank you for creating and offering such AMAZING products and solutions for women's health! I came across your company when an article in Elephant Journal on my Facebook Feed about Yoni Steams caught my eye. The reason it caught my eye is because I have truly suffered from unbearable menstrual periods, for the majority of my adulthood (since I began menstruating). I have had a history of extremely heavy bleeding, many and large clots, extremely painful cramps, nausea, fatigue, bloating, PMS and long periods, up to 10-14 days often times. Leaving me extremely wiped out between periods, with just enough time to recover before the cycle would begin all over again. Over the past 30 years (I am 41 now), I have tried oral contraceptives, depo Provera shots, cryogenic freezing, acupuncture, traditional Chinese medicine and Chinese herbs as interventions to help improve my periods. The most helpful and effective remedies, up until now, were Acupuncture and Chinese medicine, in fact receiving regular acupuncture treatments for over 2 years, allowed me to conceive my daughter and complete a very complicated pregnancy, and today I have a beautiful 4 year old. Up until age 35, I had not been able to conceive.

After having my daughter in 2010, my periods became even worse, heavier, and more painful and leaving me extremely fatigued. Last year I was hospitalized for Gastritis, this occurred the week after I had my period, and my physicians felt that I had taken so much Advil/Motrin/ibuprofen the week prior (for painful period cramps), that caused the gastritis, taking away that as an option for pain/cramp management, as it was just too irritating to my stomach. My OB/GYN then recommended a D&C, and the belief was that this would help improve my periods, lessen the bleeding, the clots, and the length of time I bled, and decrease my fatigue. Unfortunately nothing changed. In fact it even continued to get worse. Up until recently, I could not leave the house on the first few days of my period without bringing a change of clothing, as I would bleed through my clothes and 2 overnight maxi pads, if I did not change the pads every 30-60 minutes.

I recently saw my OB/GYN (who I absolutely love and adore, she is fantastic and is always very concerned and seeking out any options available to help me) for my annual, and we talked about how I just can't keep living like this, and that I don't have to. She gave me information about an IUD that would help with my periods, and asked that I strongly consider this option, as she wanted me to feel good, and have a good quality of life. As much as I respect her opinion and recommendation, this option did not sit right with me, didn't feel like that was what I needed, so I continued on living the way I had been...... Until....... I saw an article on Facebook in Elephant Journal about Vaginal Steams improving women's menstrual periods! I read it, as I'll read anything about an option that may help. I read about your whole plan for women's reproductive health, and Yoni steams, and I immediately placed my order for what I needed to try these treatments. The Yoni steam herbs, the tea for cramping and the tea for women's reproductive health. My products arrived 10 days prior to the start of my next cycle. In that time I completed 3 Yoni steams at home, and drank the women's reproductive health tea 2-3 times per day, every day. I felt incredible the next morning after completing these steams. Then it arrived, my period, and all I can say is WOW.... what a difference!!! I had minimal dark brown blood in the very beginning of my period, while I usually have that for several days, and my period started immediately. My bleeding was heavy the first 3 days, but not as heavy as it usually is, and I had only a small amount of clots, in the very beginning. I had no cramping, and minimal back pain. In fact I forgot all about the cramping tea, because I didn’t experience any cramps!!!! I had a cup this morning, for minimal cramping, and it helped right away. I am on day 5 today, and not nearly as fatigued as I usually am at this point. Actually, I am feeling very good. Barely any bloating, and PMS this month too. Now, this is after only 1 month of using these traditional remedies. I can only imagine what consistent use of all of these can do for a woman.