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Yoni Steam Seat FAQ

Easily and Comfortably Yoni Steam at Home

How is the Devi Steam® Yoni Steam Seat used?

  1. Begin by preparing your Devi Steam® on the stove as directed on the product label.

  2. Slowly pour the herbs and hot water into a 3-quart heat-proof glass or stainless steel bowel. The rim of the bowl should be no more than 9 inches in diameter.

  3. Carefully place the bowl containing your Devi Steam® into the bottom of a 5-gallon food-grade pail or 20 quart stew pot (preferably BPA-free plastic or stainless steel). The top rim should be 12 inches in diameter for the yoni steam seat knobs to fit best.

  4. Secure your seat on the top of the pail or pot by fitting the guides just inside its rim.

  5. Continue with the instructions on your Devi Steam® package or Vibrant Souls Ritual Guide (download at right).

  6. After your steam is finished, remove the seat from the pail or pot, discard the herbs and dry the underside of the seat completely before storing.


What are the best bases for placing the seat on?

Your yoni steam seat is designed to fit securely onto a 5-gallon pail such as the one pictured at right. The knobs, or "guides", on the underside of the seat will fit snuggly inside the rim of a 11.75 inch diameter opening, and slightly more loosely inside of a bucket with a 12.3 inch diameter opening.

Ideally, your pail should be BPA free and food-grade. You can find a great, inexpensive option here

If you'd like to use a base that is not plastic, you may consider using a 20 Quart stainless steel stew pot. The taller the stew pot, the better. You'll just want to be sure that the handles do not extend above the rim of the pot, as this will make it so that the seat can not rest flat.

What are the best water basins to put inside the base?

You'll pour your hot water and herbs into a 2-quart glass or stainless steel bowl to be placed in the bottom of your base. The bucket should be at least 10.25 inches wide across its bottom, so the bowl should have a diameter of no more than 8 inches. This glass mixing bowl is a great option.

What are the dimensions of the Devi Steam® Yoni Steam Seat?

Our unique yoni steam seat is 19 inches wide, by12 inches deep (front to back). The seat is ½ inch thick with ¾ inch diameter alignment guides screwed to the bottom (so that it fits securely on the bucket). The seat does not have legs, and is therefore less than1½ inches tall.

What materials is the seat made from and are they safe?

The seat is made of Baltic birch wood, and is coated with a poly-urethane finish. Birch buds and bark are historically believed to have healing properties, and in Celtic cultures, the birch symbolizes growth, renewal, stability, initiation and adaptability. It is generally considered a safe wood for contact with the body.

Our Baltic birch wood seats are coated with a polyurethane finish which is also considered to be safe. When cured, it emits no volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

How does the wooden seat withstand the steam over time?

Because the yoni steam seat is coated with a cured polyurethane finish, it is water and steam resistant. The wood does not warp or crack as long as it is properly dried after each steaming session.

How is the seat kept sanitary?

To keep your seat clean, spritz it with a non-toxic antibacterial cleaner such as this one after use, and wipe dry.

Where does the heat source go?

With this method of yoni steaming, there is no active heat source. We have found that the containment of the steam in the pail or pot keeps the water warm for 20-30 minutes while you steam. We do not recommend using a continuous heat source, as this may cause the water to get too how and you could get burned.

How much weight can the seat hold?

Since this seat doesn't have legs, it depends on how sturdy the base you choose is. If you have chosen a stainless steel stew pot as your base, it is unlikely that you could weigh enough to make this seat not work. Similarly, a heavy weighted plastic pail is likely to hold upwards of 250 pounds. Please just be sure that your weight is distributed evenly.

Are Devi Steam® Yoni Steam Seats made in China?

No, Devi Steam® Yoni Steam Seats were designed and are handmade by our family in our small workshop in Colorado. We are delighted that so many have enjoyed our original design, and are grateful for your continued support of our family's work!

Can Devi Steam® Yoni Steam Seats be purchased wholesale?

Yes, Devi Steam® Yoni Steam Seats are available for wholesale in packs of six. Learn more about Vibrant Souls wholesale.

What are the safety precautions for using the Devi Steam® Yoni Steam Seat?

  • Please be sure that the pot or pail has a flat bottom and is placed safely on a flat, rigid surface. Carpet makes for a slightly unstable surface, and should therefore be avoided.

  • Please be sure that the yoni steam seat is positioned securely over the pail or pot, fitting all three knobs that are on the underside of the seat securely inside the rim of the container.

  • Be sure to gently place the basin with hot water and herbs into the bottom of the pail or pot, taking care not to drop the bowl into the basin.

  • Take caution to carefully sit down directly in the middle of the yoni steam seat. Be careful to not apply pressure to just one side of the yoni steam seat at a time, as this kind of imbalance may cause the seat to topple.

  • It is very important to test the temperature of steam with the back of the hand before exposing sensitive vaginal tissue. The yoni steam should feel pleasantly warm, and you should immediately move away from the steam if it feels too hot.

  • Be mindful of the heat that may be transferred into the base from the steam. Take care not to touch your legs to the base, especially if it is metal, as it may be quite hot.

  • All materials should be properly sanitized before and after use.

  • It is important that all materials used in conjunction with the yoni steam seat are food-grade.

Seats ship out within 1-2 days of ordering, Monday through Saturday. We ship USPS Priority Mail so within the USA, orders should take less than a week to arrive.