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Article: Three Crystals For The Sacred Feminine

What crystals to use to access the divine feminine.

Three Crystals For The Sacred Feminine

Crystals have been used throughout history in a variety of ways — in jewelry, as decoration, as part of meditation practices, on altars, and for sacred ceremonies. People from ancient Egypt, Greece, and Mesopotamia all tuned in to the metaphysical properties of crystals, and they are still revered around the world today. 

If using crystals calls to you, you can consider bringing them into your space or into your mind to experience their healing properties. 

Remember that, as with all minerals that are mined from the Earth, it is important to be mindful of the sourcing process for each — do your best to source crystals that are mined in a way that is sustainable for the earth and supportive for the surrounding communities. If you are unable to do so, or you’d prefer not to engage in the industry in general, remember that it is possible to simply call upon the energies of these crystals within your mind’s eye or by looking at a picture of them.

precious crystals for you, goddess


The reddish brown silica mineral known as Carnelian offers emotional support by inviting you to attune to and find deeper appreciation for your ability to create in life. If you’re working on a creative project, or contemplating having a baby, Carnelian could be your new best friend! It’s also known to promote responsible sexuality, sacred sex, and is supportive for reproductive health, as it stimulates the uterus, ovaries, fallopian tubes, cervix, and vagina. Try placing Carnelian near or on your womb to ease PMS symptoms, regulate an irregular menstrual cycle, and reduce the experience of cramps! 


The pearly sheen of moonstone gives it its signature look of moonlight on water. Just like the moon, moonstone enhances feminine energies of receptivity, sensitivity, and intuition. A sweet hug from the Earth, moonstone is deeply nurturing and helps to calm stress and avoid overreaction in tense situations, and bring hope, love, and abundance. Moonstone is also a stone of protection, especially during pregnancy and childbirth. As we all navigate the daily stresses of the world, moonstone is an excellent ally in your back pocket. 

Rose Quartz

Aptly named for its pale pink color, rose quartz is all about love and the heart. Call on rose quartz to deepen connections with your surroundings and community and dissolve isolation and mistrust. When you’re feeling alone or shut down about something or someone, try bringing in rose quartz as a supportive way to open up to more authentic relationships that are centered around love, compassion, and kindness. 

use your crystals

There are a variety of ways you can easily incorporate crystals or their photos into your lifestyle. Here are a few that we love!

  • Carry a small crystal in your pocket or bag.
  • Hold a crystal in your hands as you practice meditation.
  • Use a yoni crystal or wand to increase your sensual, feminine energy and passion
  • During your yoni steam ritual — place a crystal in the water along with your herbs to receive the crystal and herb benefits together, or hold a crystal in your hands for the duration of your yoni steam.
  • Place a crystal in the cupholder of your car or in your work space for an easy reset throughout your day. 
  • For direct connection with your womb space, consider a yoni egg practice.
  • Place a crystal on an altar or near your bed.

    Bringing crystals into your physical or emotional space is an opportunity to cultivate a reverent, trusting, and healing relationship with these natural beauties from the Earth. As you work with them, you’ll likely find that your creativity and inspiration to be around them grows! 

    Sierra Brashear, MA is a Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner, DONA-trained doula, herbal alchemist, wellness educator and founder of Vibrant Souls yoni steams. Inspired by the rhythms and elements of nature, Sierra weaves her knowledge of Ayurveda into the products and lifestyle design programs she offers. She invites you to join her 16-week program, The Art of Fertility | Journey to Conception — to clear toxins and nourish your mind and body in preparation for an easeful conception and healthy pregnancy. Sierra is also co-founder of Cultivate Balance and Moon Bath, and lives in Boulder, Colorado.

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