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Article: Get Out Of Your Head And Into Your Body

Embodiment practice for women.

Get Out Of Your Head And Into Your Body

In this guest post, Sensuality and Mindset Coach Natasha Gillyard speaks to all you business-minded babes out there, and every woman who feels the weight of the world on her shoulders. She gives two simple practices for getting out of your head and reconnecting to your body, so you can be confident, sexy, and empowered as you go forth to change the world!

Raise your hand if you’re the one that “has it all together”.  Raise both hands if you are that go-to, resourceful person who puts out fires.

I see you and I get it!  When there's a crisis or a problem to solve, I am that person. And when I have a problem myself, I've gotten the "Wow, I just thought you aways had it together" reaction.

I love that I'm ambitious and have dreams that my business gets to support like having the space for a romantic relationship to thrive, creating jaw dropping travel experiences with my family, and taking care of my bills, but the hyper-masculine grind of ambition is where it's gone off the rails. Maybe you can relate —perhaps it’s gotten so twisted that you believe that your worth and identity comes from having it all together and doing all the things when in fact, that’s not true.  

It leads to living from the neck up where you run your business from a space of anxiety, overwhelm, and people pleasing and trying to control everrrrryyyything. Don't be Gollum from Lord of the Rings — release the ring....errr pressure.

Instead, get out of your head and reconnect to your body, so you can be confident, sexy, and empowered AF in your business! Reclaim your sensuality so you can bring the Beyonce-stye vibes. Reconnect to your pussy so you can awaken your pleasure and have even more fun in your business (yoni steams are wonderful for this)! And value your work, so you can be in energized, flow and deliver better results for your clients and feel giddy working with them on calls and when you're taking the day off from your business.  Sound good?! 

Here Are Two Practices You Can Use To Get Embodied

1) Sensuality — Tune into your body

Picture yourself holding it all together for everyone. From the different hats in your business — leader, copywriter, graphic designer, accountant, bookkeeper, Instagram/Facebook/Pinterest manager, comment responder, workshop creator to spending time with your partner{s} and kids, and having hobbies.  Feel the body sensations that are happening for you and name them out-loud.

Now I want you to imagine yourself 1000% supported, meaning you get to let go of doing it alone. Imagine that you are good enough and have access to divine guidance. That creating content is so easy because you are inspired and you say what you want to say without filtering yourself and how "they" perceive you.  That you are more than qualified to do what you came to do and serve your clients. Knowing that you are worthy of having the time freedom to spend time with your family and that the money is in overflow. The positive expectation that you are taken cared of and it doesn’t matter how because there's always a solution.

With this new perspective, feel the body sensations that are happening for you and name them out-loud.  Shift to this vibe anytime you feel like you have to have it all together. 

2) Mindset — Ask yourself where that came from?  

When did you first feel that you had to have it together or else?  Then listen deeply — where does that idea or belief come from?

We were told that “good girls” didn’t need support and do everything on their own, otherwise we wouldn't be safe and would be taken advantage of. I am here to tell you: It is safe to be supported and to receive. Feel the fear that you felt fully, and now forgive and release it. Be the adult that your little girl needed and wants right now. Remind her that you understand how she feels, that things get to be different now, and that you have her back.

What is one thing that resonated for you here?  Tell me in the comments!

Natasha Gillyard is a sensuality + mindset coach for women in business.  She has her M.A. in Clinical Mental Health. She is a certified Aradia Fitness instructor (pole dance) and certified Liquid Motion instructor (sensual movement).  Natasha has made it her mission to help other women entrepreneurs reconnect to their sensuality without guilt or shame and truly be confident, free, and full of joy in their sensuality, so that they can be in tune with their bodies and have the personal and financial freedom as well as the impact they’ve always desired in their business and life.

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