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Prenatal Guided Meditation


Releasing fear and understanding how to relax are the keys to a shorter, less painful labor and a peaceful and joyous delivery. Through deep relaxation and guided visualization, this 20 minute meditation will support you to reprogram your subconscious mind with a deep understanding that birth is a safe, peaceful and joyous process. Using positive intentions and affirmations, it will also train your body and mind to relax on cue, ensuring that you know exactly how to surrender and trust the process when your birthing time comes.

This Prenatal Guided Meditation should be practiced at least three times per week throughout pregnancy, especially in the second and third trimesters. As a yoga nidra, this meditation can be used at night before bed, as your subconscious mind will still incorporate it into your cells, body and mind if you fall asleep. It should not be used while driving.

Achieve the birth of your dreams with the Vibrant Souls Prenatal Guided Meditation!

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