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Article: Cultivating Space For Ease & Balance: Building Your Sacred Altar

how to build a sacred altar

Cultivating Space For Ease & Balance: Building Your Sacred Altar

Your physical space has a dramatic impact on your overall well being. If your space is not enjoyable to you — whether because it is messy, cluttered, unappealing in terms of décor, or energetically taxing — it has an immense impact on your psychological state, perhaps even unconsciously. 

Cultivating your physical space or creating an altar is an opportunity to anchor in Spirit — however that occurs for you — to maximize your pleasure, divine power, and joy. When you do, you may find that a more balanced, calm, and easeful state of mind follows. 

To begin, take a moment to scan your current space:

What feels disorganized?

Perhaps you have a pile of items that need to be put away, or a shelf or cabinet that has just become completely cluttered up, or maybe your closet needs to be cleared out so that you can actually hang up each item that you own. 

What feels incomplete?

Maybe you have projects around the house — large or small — that you started and then lost motivation, or perhaps you just have a stack of mail that needs to be opened and dealt with… like paying those pesky toll bills, or whatever it may be. 

What feels unclean?

Has it been a while since you cleaned the bathroom, swept the floor, dusted the window sills, or cleared the cobwebs around the ceiling fans? If so, set aside some time to do these tasks before any more time passes.

What feels unsafe or otherwise emotionally taxing? 

Are you living in a situation in which you can’t fully be yourself? Are you concerned with the security of your home — either because it doesn’t feel physically secure, or because you have a landlord who is unkind? How can you resolve these circumstances in order to feel more safe and at ease in your living situation? 

how to build an altar at home

Now, choose a spot to focus on creating an altar. An altar is a physical space where you intentionally cultivate beauty and a connection with the divine through objects, textures, smells, and sounds. Altars are a powerful backdrop for setting your intentions, dreaming, and prayer. 

You may want to have your altar set up permanently, or build it for special moments such as during your yoni steam practice to ease menstrual cramps, or on full and new moons.

Your altar is a representation of what is sacred to you, so think freely! 

Including items that represent the four elements honors your connection to the Earth and nature. You may consider incorporating...


Fire is the element that represents the spark of manifestation, creativity, sexual energy, and strength. Incorporate fire by placing a candle and the color red in the South or lower right corner of your altar. 


The water element represents the female form and the nourishment of our desires. Incorporate a bowl of water, sea shells, and the color white in the upper left or West corner.


Knowledge, the power of the mind, and courage are held in the air element. Incorporate air by placing feathers, images of birds, and the smoke from incense in the upper right or East corner of your altar. 


The Earth element is grounding, and holds divine feminine energy. Place stones, flowers, plants, crystals, and the color yellow in the lower left or North corner of your altar. 

Building your own sacred space in the form of an altar that represents beauty, joy, and delight creates a backdrop for your connection to your divine feminine power. 

Sierra Brashear, MA is a Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner, DONA-trained doula, and founder of Vibrant Souls. She has successfully supported hundreds of people through some of their most critical childbearing moments — from conscious conception through the joy of labor and birth. Inspired by the rhythms and elements of nature, Sierra weaves her knowledge of Ayurveda into the wellness education and lifestyle design she provides through her practice, Cultivate Balance.

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