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Article: Women's Knowing: How to Cultivate Your Intuition

cultivate your intuition

Women's Knowing: How to Cultivate Your Intuition

Life possesses many different roads to travel.

How will you choose?

Your intuition plays a role in the choices you make.

But do you know what language your innate knowing speaks?

Intuitions do not depend on the rational mind and they are not always logical or practical, in fact, often they go against the grain. They may seem beyond reason, and beyond what was thought possible. Therefore, they often require faith as one jumps into unfamiliar territory to meet a new edge.

Intuitions are often called hunches, a place where one knows, deeply, and has an understanding that is unquestionable in that moment. The occurrence of an intuition takes the past, present and future and merges them all together. The next step is not to be thought about; it is right there.  

Do you know what I’m talking about?

This sense of assurance and clarity can be developed, just like any muscle in the human body, and trained. You, just as you are, can begin to work with La Que Sabe, the woman who knows. She is there, always in your heart, always available, with pristine lucidity; you can be in closer relationship to her, and to you.

Listen, Listen.

So how does this breaking out of the cocoon of habitual choices and entering into the magic zone of flow happen? How do you use your women's knowing when choosing, trusting, and of moving forward?

Come to the edge, make a choice, call upon your unique faith, and jump!

Your body will provide you with the information needed to do what feels good, what feels right. It is a matter of you taking the time, attention, and presence to receive these messages and decipher them in a ruthlessly honest way.

I imagine you have had that feeling in your gut. The feeling that has said “no”. A tightening. A pulling back. A retreating like an ocean wave into the sea. And perhaps this intuition has been denied, and you have disregarded the message only to later find out that you wish you had listened. Perhaps something happened that verified for you that saying no when you said yes would have been more supportive to your path. It is often hindsight that is 20/20. And it is the times when one is lead astray from the path that creativity needs to be called upon to redirect and reorient.

This is a magical time; when spiritual emergencies can turn to spiritual emergence.

I imagine you have had that feeling of yes. Is it clear to you what yes feels like? Could you describe the sensations? Perhaps it comes through the mind, or through your dreams. Perhaps it is a sweeping feeling from the head to the toes, or an opening around the heart, where the choice just feels right, even if it is ironic.

The feeling of yes.

The knowing before something occurs.

What is your yes? If you don’t know how intuition speaks yet what better time than now to begin to understand its intricacies and use them as a way to connect with your Self and Spirit. 

So…how do we leverage the capabilities and come into close relationship with the immense capacity of the subconscious mind? The subconscious makes about 10 million observations per second. That is a lot of observations. And not all of them can be kept track of; only about 40-150 the conscious mind integrates.

What do you keep track of?

What do you choose, or what is chosen for you, through this filtration system?

Often it is based in fear. It is what confirms our narrative about ourselves. Therefore if our narrative is rooted in not being good enough, or there not being enough, that is what we will see. We often don’t see the whole picture, only a small piece of it.

But not to worry too much. We are all in this together. And there is real possibilities of re-creation. A re-telling of the ancient stories; a re-working on narratives.

The intuition can, and does, open up a much larger sphere of perception in the matter of an instant. That’s all it takes. This instant. You have to be here to receive it.

If you’re elsewhere, the intuition may just float back to the primordial soup.

How to develop your intuition

Presence yourself

First things first is to consciously presence yourself in where you are and what you are doing. When you are immersed in something the unconscious mind can begin to understand the patterns that reside below the layers of practicality. Start now by getting really present. Feel your feet, feel your body, and come back to your senses. This is the place where intuition can occur; not in the foggy, worried, hyperactive mind. Rather in a calm, receptive and open mind.


It is important for you to clarify what is of value and importance. Sense into how you really feel, what it is that you want and need. This journey is not based on others opinions or advice; clear out the garbage within your ears and come to listen to your own heart voice. Your inner voice. The voice that knows.


Once you are clear on what it is that you want you can begin to set clear intentions. Be specific and as descriptive as possible. And if it is in your nature to call upon Great Spirit and your guides to support you, do so. But remember, it is action that the universe responds to.


When a situation comes up in your life, notice the sensations in your body and heart. Use your imagination to "try on" the various potential outcomes, and take stock of whether or not you feel expansive or contracted. Often the expansiveness (bright, alive, outward energetic movement) indicates a clear "yes", while a feeling of contraction (dark, heavy or inward energetic movement) indicates a clear "no". Pay attention to these sensations as the messengers of the future, and seek expansiveness as you move forward.

Remember to practice cultivating your intuition as you yoni steam! During your weekly yoni steam ritual, focus on presencing yourself, clarifying your vision, setting your intentions and noticing the sensations you feel in your body. Listen deeply for answers to your questions, and trust what arises. This is your intuition.

This is your life.

This is your truth.

Julie MacAdam is a creative artist, yoga teacher, body worker, and lover of the earth. She is founder of Medicinal Changes, through which she offers herbal medicine and consultations as well as bodymind practices.

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