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Article: 3 Celebratory Practices to Brighten Your Life on The Full Moon

3 Celebratory Practices to Brighten Your Life on The Full Moon

3 Celebratory Practices to Brighten Your Life on The Full Moon

Once each month the full moon shines brightly in the sky, and she asks you, how do you pause to celebrate your life?

The full moon presents a wonderful opportunity to embrace community, practice ritual, and celebrate what is bright, creative and true in your world. You may notice that you have more energy, feel more sensual or that your sleep is restless during the full moon. Cultivating practices around this time of the lunar cycle can help you to skillfully work with its rising energy and appreciate its gifts for vibrancy and transformation. This article covers a few practices to liven up your routine on the full moon. Choose what works for you, and notice if there are any shifts in your life as you continue to cultivate practices around the moon cycles.

1. Gather in community to share successes

The celebratory energy of the full moon makes it an ideal time to gather with the people you love: friends, family, and those who we want to cultivate life with. Consider hosting a small gathering of women in which you share with one another your successes for the month — how have the seeds of intention you planted on the new moon come to fruition? Set the sacred space by lighting candles and incense and offering tea and good conversation. Share food, anoint one another with oil, and dance and move together. Take the party outside to soak in the moon’s glow. Taking the time for togetherness around the full moon is a lost art in modern society, and the simple act of gathering during this time imbues your life with simple ritual and abundance.

2. Create art or music

On the full moon, creative energy is flowing! Now is the time to let your visions pour out of you and in to the world. Even if you only have a small amount of time, but still want to honor the transition of the moon cycle, whip out some colored pencils or watercolors, or dust off your guitar. Create a piece of art or music that marks this time, this particular moon cycle, for you. Don’t be shy, when the art comes from the heart it’s bound to be beautiful! If you’re drawing or painting, listen to music that feels activating and celebratory to you. Tape your art up in your room, on your fridge, or on your bathroom mirror. Somewhere where you’ll see it during this next moon cycle. Create, if only for 30 minutes, a space of honoring the moon and yourself through creativity, and notice the benefits of taking the time out for you

3. Speak your truth

Harness the vibrant, strong-willed energy that is alive right now, and say what has been on your mind. Maybe it’s setting a boundary, or asking for what you need, but now is a great time to honor your voice. Before entering the conversation, you may want to move through some of the intense energy by yelling into a pillow or jumping up and down. And then, take a breath, soften, and know the world needs your truth and the moon supports you.

Oh and, of course, if you are ovulating during the full moon, yoni steaming at this time will heighten your sensual energy, get your juices flowing and activate the goddess within.

Living your life with the rhythms of the earth supports you in resourcing yourself. Over time, develop your own form of ritual that feels activating for you during the full moon, and notice your life shift as you show up with more of that exquisite goddess energy that is unique to you.

Brooke Lorimer is the founder of A Simple Alternative, a Virtual Assisting company that supports female entrepreneurs in reclaiming their time and bringing their bright ideas to life. She believes in using our values as a guide map for our life work and is passionate about women taking up space in the world.

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