Why Vaginal Steaming Could be the Best Thing We'll Try This Year

This article by Sierra Brashear was originally published on Elephant Journal.


Marisa exclaimed, “I am having the best period! No sharp pains, cramping, or back aches like usual. I am traveling all this week for training and it would have been awful if I had my usual symptoms.”

Marisa was surprised, and elated, by the incredible results she’d gotten from what may seem like a strange trend. A trend that has deep roots and is making a big difference for women.

The vaginal steam, known in other cultures as the bajo, chai-yok or yoni steam, is a remedy that is becoming known today as the forgotten ancient wisdom for women’s healing and is being fervently revived by women today.

Although modernity had cast aside this tried and true method for centuries, women like Marisa are beginning to practice vaginal steaming again. Why? Because it makes every yoni happier.

An ancient remedy that has been passed down through generations before us, the vaginal steam has been known to keenly maintain the health of the miraculous uterus, treating everything from painful menses, to endometriosis, to infertility. Though this simple process may sound like a miracle remedy, the vaginal steam is an easy and inexpensive treatment for any woman to use on a regular basis at home.

It’s time for women across the globe to remember the wisdom of our grandmothers....

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